Top Hospitals in Dubai UAE

Hospitals are necessary for all areas of a kingdom, and the healthcare services they supply, allow the people to maintain their happiness by diagnosing and treating their diseases effectively. In Dubai, lots of top-rated hospitals offer multispecialty services that are of the uppermost quality and at reasonably priced rates.

Top Hospitals in Dubai UAE
Top Hospitals in Dubai UAE

You forever want to offer the best healthcare services to you and your family. This curate catalog of the top hospitals will help you in preserving their contact information which can be helpful in the need of the hour.

Top Hospitals in Dubai UAE

The following is a list of the top best hospitals in Dubai all along with their information:

American Excellence Medical and Dental Centre
American Excellence Medical and Dental Centre provides excellent medical care services that are meant at improving life excellence and also boost the lifespan of its patients. The services offered by the center include gynecology, neurology, obstetrics, dentistry, plastic surgery, etc. The center is a supporter of innovation and uses only the best, most recent tools for its patients.

Al Amal Hospital
People visit Al Amal hospital for the cure as they are courteous and professional, conduct diagnostic procedures precisely producing the right consequences, and maintain complete hygiene throughout their place. They have a big team of doctors, nurses and ward boys along with other healthcare allied professionals who are dedicated to promoting the happiness of the patients.

Al Baraha Hospital
The renowned Al Baraha hospital has been renamed Al Kuwait hospital newly to recognize its outstanding giving in the field of healthcare services in the UAE. The hospital has provided outstanding medical facilities and has productively treated thousands of patients along with offering diagnostic services for visa or health document. It had even established the Joint Commission International (JCT) accreditation in 2015. The hospital receives further than 70000 visitors in a year. 

Al Garhoud Private Hospital
Al Garhoud Private Hospital is well-identified for its exceptional healthcare service. It has many field departments such as obstetrics, pediatrics, neonatology, bariatric, and cardiology. The hospital has a capability of more than 100 beds, and the physical therapy services they supply are also very superior. Its dream is to be the top healthcare facility in the UAE and to get better the excellence of life of the people living here. The hospital, with its knowledgeable expert doctors and paramedical staff, believes in utilizing the latest technology to supply world-class medical services.

Al Rafa Hospital for Maternity and Surgery
Al Rafa provides several healthcare services such as ENT, neonatology, pediatrics, dentistry, obstetrics, neurology, laparoscopic surgery and lots of more. The hospital was recognized in 1987 in Dubai and serves more than nine countries nowadays. It offers 24/7 emergency services with an outstanding surrounding that allows them to assist thousands of patients.

Al Maktoum Hospital
The well-known Al Maktoum Hospital in Dubai was formed in 1951, and it has the difference of being the earliest hospital in the UAE. Originally run by a British sergeant, the hospital provided services such as minor operations, vaccinations, and treatments in the beginning. Later the premises were prolonged, and the respiratory unit was also set up in 1985. Since the building had become too old, it had been determined to evacuate it and exchange it into a museum.

Al Zahra Medical Centre
Al Zahra Medical Centre, formed in 1998, has been present excellent healthcare services to the people of UAE as well as the expatriates. The center is known for providing all medical services at a similar place and provides outpatient services for all the medical and surgical specialties jointly with dental and family practices. In addition, they also provide physical therapy services, radiology services as well also having a clinical laboratory. The center uses only the most recent advanced tools for diagnosis and treatment. It also has special schemes for companies and other organizations and inexpensive packages such as diabetes checkup packages, and maternity packages.

Aster DM Healthcare
Aster DM Healthcare is one of the top providers of medical care services with a network that is spread across nine countries, as well as the Middle East, and India. The center has a full range of healthcare services, such as clinics, hospitals, chemists, and diagnostic centers. The network employs more than 17000 human resources, has nearly 3000 skilled doctors and several JCI accredited hospitals, diagnostic centers, and clinics. Aster DM is a believer in constant innovation and always adopts the newest advancements in equipment to recover its services.

American Hospital
American Hospital is a legendary multispecialty hospital that provides exceptional quality healthcare to the people of Dubai, the UAE, and neighboring states. It is the earliest hospital to receive JCI accreditation in the Middle East. The laboratory of the hospital has also awarded documentation by the College of American Pathologists. The hospital’s Cancer program was the initial of its type in Dubai to provide all services under one cover. Electrophysiology has been introduced in their heart center and also physical therapy surgery in the orthopedics department for outpatients. Their endocrinology department has also been extended for the total treatment of Diabetes. The hospital has also turn into an affiliate of the reputed Mayo Clinic Care Network.

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