Mesothelioma Facts

Compared to a number of different cancers, Mesothelioma is absolutely rare. Even so, Mesothelioma is still considered as a very real threat for those who have a history of working with the hazardous mineral asbestos.

Mesothelioma Facts
Mesothelioma Facts

These individuals would include shipbuilders, construction workers, people who worked in oil refineries, power, and chemical plants, automotive building and repair, railroad workers and a lot more. These people are continuously at risk for developing the disease even with just a minimal exposure that happened years ago.

General Facts of Mesothelioma

  • Not all people who had a history of working with asbestos will develop asbestos-related diseases such as Mesothelioma. Medical experts still cannot explain why some people are susceptible to the disease while others remain unaffected.
  • Prolonged exposure to asbestos dust significantly increases the risk of Mesothelioma but recent findings show that extreme exposure to asbestos can expedite the development of the disease. Such has been the case for the people who responded to the 9/11 emergency. Some of the victims died in as soon as 5 years following exposure.
  • A person does not have to be directly exposed to asbestos to contract Mesothelioma. There have been a number of cases of secondary exposure from asbestos dust that cling to the clothes and hair of a family member working with asbestos.

Find Out Your Legal Options

If you are a victim of asbestos poisoning or Mesothelioma, please get in touch with our team to go over your legal options. You may be eligible to receive financial compensation to pay for your medical bills and treatment, as well as bring hazardous companies to justice.

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